Winter Garden Robin


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238 wooden pieces / 280x280x5mm (approx. 11x11x0.25") / ~20 Whimsies

Material: 5mm Linden Plywood

Artist: Lucy Grossmith

Cut Design: Jill Pryor

'When robins appear, loved ones are near'

Experience the magic of winter with Winter Garden Robin, a stunning wooden jigsaw puzzle. With 238 irregular and whimsical shaped pieces, this puzzle captures the beauty of a winter garden, complete with snow-covered red berries, trees, and a charming robin. Get lost in the intricate details as you piece together this delightful winter scene. Perfect for puzzle enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

This delightful puzzle contains ~20 themed whimsy pieces. Unique connectors including our signature 'V' knobs will enhance your puzzling experience!

This puzzle comes in our beautiful new premium quality packaging - a very sturdy box with a magnetic closure. It will look fabulous on your bookshelf or coffee table!

About the artist, Lucy:

I love to paint wild birds and animals, countryside and coastal scenery along with gardens, old buildings and little bits of country life.

My paintings are a magical interpretation of what I've seen mixed in with happy thoughts about a place, illustrating special moments in time.

My aim is to inspire others, create a feeling of warmth and capture their imagination too.

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Customer Reviews

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Well worth the money!

Bought this as a Christmas present and was initially in two minds whether to purchase as it was much more expensive than the “ everyday” jigsaws.
However it far exceeded expectations. The jigsaw was of a very high standard, good quality, presented beautifully in the box and proved extremely challenging to complete. Really challenged the “ old grey cells”.Upon completion , we found one piece missing and e mailed asking for a replacement piece. We received a reply within an hour of sending the email resolving the problem and received the missing piece soon after! Fantastic customer service - if only more companies valued their customers in this way.
Would highly recommend- both the jigsaw and the Company.

Loved this one!

I just put in the last piece and enjoyed it from beginning to end! The pieces are sturdy and substantial which add to the enjoyment of working on the puzzle.