Whimsical Pieces


From early last century, Victory designed puzzles that included shaped pieces designed to look like objects that complimented the art of the puzzle. The individual craftsmen added these pieces 'on a whim' as they were cutting individual puzzles. These whimsical, or 'whimsy' pieces as they became known, brought delight to the puzzle enthusiasts of the day.

Today, all of our laser cut puzzles include lots of whimsy pieces which are sure to give you a delightful puzzling experience. In fact, you will find many of our whimsies are multi-part, requiring 2 or even 3 puzzle pieces to be joined together to complete a single whimsy. All of our whimsies include accent cuts that give added definition to the individual piece - which we're sure will put a smile on your face!

Individual whimsies are hand drawn and are designed to compliment the art of the puzzle; for example, you'll find birds, boats and surfers in a sea themed puzzle and buildings and famous landmarks in a city themed puzzle. Every Victory puzzle also includes our signature V for Victory hand whimsy - we recommend saving this whimsy for the last piece of the puzzle, in celebration of your own victory in solving the puzzling challenge!

The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

V for Victory

Although Gerald Hayter started making puzzles in the early 1900s, it wasn't until after the First World War that he decided on the brand name 'Victory' in celebration of the war's end. 

The Victory hand symbol was first used in 1941 as part of the 'V for Victory' campaign by the Allies of World War II - and made famous by Winston Churchill in July of that year.

Today you will find the Victory hand whimsy piece in all of our puzzles. When you start assembling your puzzle, we recommend finding this whimsy piece first, putting it aside and making it the final piece of the puzzle - to celebrate your own victory in solving the puzzling challenge! 

Why Choose Victory

Laser Cut Precision

Thanks to modern laser cutting techniques, we are able to push our puzzles to another level and cut even more intricate designs.

Heirloom Quality

We have chosen a consistent, sustainably sourced, durable wood product that can be enjoyed time and time again.

The Perfect Gift

A thoughtful gift idea that keeps on giving.