Laser Cut Precision


Throughout the 1900s, Victory jigsaw puzzles were cut by hand using scroll saws. At the peak of production the company employed around 50 expert craftspeople, highly skilled in cutting intricate designs including whimsical shaped pieces.

Today, thanks to modern laser cutting techniques, we are able to push our puzzles to another level and cut even more intricate designs. Laser cutting also enables us to add accent cuts to our whimsy pieces which give greater definition that brings them to life.

All of our puzzle designs and whimsy pieces are first drawn by hand. Once perfect, the designs are converted into computer files that state of the art laser cutting machines can follow with incredible accuracy. This ensures that the pieces fit together perfectly to create a consistently high quality, tight fitting, durable puzzle that can be worked time and time again.

Why Choose Victory

Whimsical Pieces

Today, all of our laser cut puzzles include lots of whimsy pieces that will give you a delightful puzzling experience.

Heirloom Quality

We have chosen a consistent, sustainably sourced, durable wood product that can be enjoyed time and time again.

The Perfect Gift

A thoughtful gift idea that keeps on giving.