Uphill Ride



242 wooden pieces / 280x280x5mm (approx. 11x11x0.25")

Material: 5mm Linden Plywood

Artist: Lisa Graa Jensen

Cut Design: Jill Pryor

This delightful 242 piece puzzle contains ~20 themed whimsy pieces. Unique connectors including our signature 'V' knobs will enhance your puzzling experience!

This puzzle comes in our beautiful new premium quality packaging - a very sturdy box with a magnetic closure. It will look fabulous on your bookshelf or coffee table!

Article code: 23427

Customer Reviews

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Mary Griffiths
It gave me much pleasure!

A lovely puzzle. Love that the birds are cut out as birds.

Lovely Puzzle

I purchased three puzzles and have done two of them so far. Both are by this artist. Lisa Graa Jensen. I have previously only done very cheap wood puzzles because most higher quality ones are really out of my price range. This image and the Watching Snowfall really appealed to me and the price was more in the range that I was okay with splurging a bit on. The quality is exceptional. The pieces are the perfect fit. Not to loose, just enough give to make the assembly smooth. I was happy to see that each puzzle had a unique cut and I liked the way the outside border is cut so that you need to work the whole puzzle and not just do the border and fill in. It adds just a little bit more challenge. The image was clear and the colors vibrant especially for a winter scene. I can see myself building a small collection of my favorite images over time.

SN Barker
Shooting the Breeze

V nice packaging, good irregular cut with good whimsies that relate directly to the picture, and interestingly etched on the back which adds to the fun. The whimsies are often dissected. . The border is nicely complex, so can only be completed as part of the rest of the puzzle. A good challenge for this size puzzle if you don’t use the image provided. The image is delightful BUT the downside for me is that the colours of the finished puzzle are far too garish compared with other puzzle producers. This makes it feel a cheaper product than the high the quality of the cut and packaging deserves.