The Flapper - Life, 1922



250 wooden pieces / 340x265x5mm (approx. 13x10x0.25") / 20+ Whimsies

Material: 5mm Linden Plywood

Artist: F.X Leyendecker, 1922

Cut Design: Aidan Knowles

Enjoy a little nostalgia with The Flapper wooden jigsaw. This beautiful puzzle features a Vintage Life Magazine cover from 1922, brought to life with 250 irregular and whimsical shaped pieces. Crafted from high-quality 5mm Linden plywood, it's a perfect blend of illustrative art and entertainment. Get lost in the charm of the past as you piece together this unique puzzle. 

We chose this beautiful image because it was created in 1922, around the same year that Gerald Hayter declared 'Victory' as the brand name for his wooden puzzles.

It's a signature puzzle for us and features many cool whimsies of objects that were common or invented around that time.

This delightful puzzle features a unique art-deco cut pattern and contains over 20 whimsy pieces, many of them multipart!

This puzzle comes in our beautiful new premium quality packaging - a very sturdy box with a magnetic closure. It will look fabulous on your bookshelf or coffee table!

Frank Xavier Leyendecker was an American. He worked with his brother J.C. (the more famous Leyendecker) in their studio, first in Chicago then later in New York City and New Rochelle, New York.

He studied for a time at the Académie Julian in France. He was known for his stained glass work as well as his illustrations for magazines and advertisements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Judith Whitwer

Very enjoyable and just the right amount of difficult

Harriet Shaw

Just my favourite puzzle ever.. I can't wait to give one as a gift and will be buying another on pay day!

Peter Biddlecombe
Favourite Victory so far

I have 5 Victory jigsaws so far, and this is one of the first two in the new 5mm plywood. There are some easy areas to get you started, but after that the original cutting pattern and the picture make it quite tricky. The whimsies are a delight, and one set of similar ones is not arranded as you might expect. If it’s still 40% off, don’t delay.

Fun Puzzle

Received this as a gift - loved the cool object shaped pieces in the puzzle, it added to the enjoyment. Will buy more of these puzzles. Highly recommend.

N Thomson
Lovely puzzle

Throughly enjoyed putting this together a massive improvement to the older version!
Would recommend 😊