La Chablisienne



245 wooden pieces / 360x240x5mm (approx. 14x9.5x0.25") / 20 Whimsies

Material: 5mm Linden Plywood

Artist: Henry Le Monnier, 1926

Cut Design: Aidan Knowles

Indulge in the charm of this exquisite wooden jigsaw puzzle. With 245 irregular and whimsical-shaped pieces, it showcases a vintage advertising poster from the famous French vineyard in beautiful Chablis, France. Perfect for wine lovers and puzzle enthusiasts alike, this puzzle is a delightful blend of art and entertainment.

This delightful puzzle features an art-deco cutting pattern befitting the 1920s era from when the art was created. Includes 20 vintage themed whimsical pieces, many of them multi-part!

This puzzle comes in our beautiful new premium quality packaging - a very sturdy box with a magnetic closure. It will look fabulous on your bookshelf or coffee table!

Article code: 23401

Customer Reviews

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Beverley Bryant
Lot of damage

I love the puzzle in general; the colours, the fun pieces. However, when I received my puzzle there were many tiny chips on the corners and smaller pieces.

Hi Beverley - thanks for your review. Please can you contact and we will take care of this for you. Thanks!

Peter Biddlecombe
Underestimated …

Like another reviewer, I chose this in a moment when Victory offered a choice of bargains. As I knew that the cutting pattern was similar to The Flapper, with a fair amount of text (usually an easy place to start), and a colour scheme that seemed less complicated, I expected it to be relatively easy. I was wrong - it turned out to be quite tricky, and the set of whimsies was done really well. Another definite keeper from the new Victory.

Janet Tickner
La Chablisienne

I was given this through a giveaway offer from Victory. I have so many of their puzzles but was fortunate enough to be able to choose one I didn’t have. What a wonderful company 🥰

Wow, just wow!

As a big fan of quality wooden puzzles I couldn't believe the quality of cut design, and feel of the improved 5mm plywood on this puzzle. As Wentworth's number one fan for years now my loyalty has been well and truly challenged on every front. Victory, I think I'm in love!

Jennifer Firkins

I found this puzzle offered a greater challenge than I'd expected for the size, which I really loved! It proved to be both a fun puzzle to do and a fair amount of challenge, combining the best of both worlds. The colours really jumped out at me and lifted my spirits - especially important to me at this time of year when the skies are predominantly grey, cold and wet. A victory for Victory and me!