Vintage Poster - Butlin's



250 wooden pieces / 360x250x5mm (approx. 14x10x0.25") / 20+ Whimsies

Material: 5mm Linden Plywood

Artist: Joseph Greenup, 1938

Cut Design: Aidan Knowles

Step back in time with this vintage travel poster for Butlin's holiday resort. With 250 irregular and whimsical shaped pieces, it beautifully captures the essence of holidays in Clapton On Sea, a charming seaside town on the east coast of England. Immerse yourself in nostalgia as you piece together this bygone era advertisement for Butlin's. 

This delightful travel poster puzzle contains over 20 whimsy pieces, many of them multipart!

Waved edged pieces and unique connectors including our signature V knobs will enhance your puzzling experience!

This puzzle comes in our beautiful new premium quality packaging - a very sturdy box with a magnetic closure. It will look fabulous on your bookshelf or coffee table!

Joseph Greenup (1891-1946) studied at the Royal Academy in London. He created the art for this travel poster in 1938, the year that Butlin's in Clacton On Sea was opened.

Article code: 23403

Customer Reviews

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Christopjher Dunkley
Butlins Clacton on Sea

As the owner of dozens of Victory Gold Box puzzles I was naturally pleased to hear from the BCD that the name was being revised and more puzzles created. Having bought Butlins Clacton on Sea I find that the reality. is even better than I had hoped. When I first opened the box I wondered whether the new Victories would suffer from the same difficulty as early Wentworth puzzles: a black and over obvious cutting line but it turns out that these new puzzles have the most invisible line of any puzzle in my collection. What is more the whimsies are abundant and highly inventive. We enjoyed doing this puzzle more than any other in a long time. Only one possible improvement: boxes without pictures for those of us who prefer to work without a guide or any idea of the final appearance - just like Victory Gold Box puzzles (though with pictures available for those who prefer). A terrific renaissance!

Jennifer Firkins
Great fun!

This was a really fun puzzle to do. The newer, thicker pieces have a fabulous feel in the hand and make for a much more enjoyable puzzling experience. The Butlins puzzle has really lush colour and a joyful image, making it a puzzle well worth spending a few hours with! I think it's great value for money.

Lynn Stevens
Another victory puzzle from Victory puzzles !

What a joy this was to do ! The new 5mm thickness is superb, and the selection of whimsy pieces just wonderful. Had a fun afternoon yesterday completing this . ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Matthew (Df)
Happy Butlins stay

This was another great design and throwback to Butlins , loving the poster puzzles with the new thickness and material. Perfect themed whimsies and interesting cut with waves in them