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Puzzle Report

Enjoyed completing a Victory puzzle for the first time, it gave me much pleasure and entertainment for a couple of evenings. The puzzle was well packed and presented, complete and original. Liked the design but use to puzzles with more pieces, not certain about the feel and fit after only one puzzle

Beautiful puzzle

This is one of four of my first ever puzzles from Victory Puzzles, and I can say I am very pleased with the overall quality and feel of these puzzles. All round beautiful puzzle and boxing. Quickly shipped. Will be recommending these to other puzzlers as well.

Fabulous puzzle!

I loved doing this. It was an evenings work, surprisingly hard. Beautifully made, I saw a complaint about the white wood showing on the black bits on this puzzle but mine was absolutely perfect. Tight, quite thick, very cleanly cut and an excellent print. I want to get a big one now! Definitely one to keep.

Whimsical Delight

Each of the 261 pieces in this fanciful treasure is a mini work of art, intriguing to look at and pleasant to handle. The components' colorful design and unique cut are engaging from the first to the last choice. Even taking it apart is an aesthetic experience. I am delighted there are two others in this series, for I will want to complete all three more than once!

Landing Preparation
Nicole Penman

I love all the Victorian puzzles I have bought so far

Ladies Who Lunch
Margery McMc
Great puzzles

Fun to put together, very versatile and entertaining.

One of my favorites

Victory puzzles are the best wooden puzzles on the market in my opinion and the art work is wonderful. You’ll never be sorry you chose a quality brand like this!

The Flapper - Life, 1922 (Large)
Ann, Wooden Puzzle Addict
Lovely Fun Puzzle

This was the first Victory puzzle, from the "modern day" company, that I completed. I did many of the Vintage ones in my day, but the cut of the pieces in this puzzle were unlike any of those that I have done. The cut was different in a "monotonous" way that made the puzzle NOT monotonous, but rather very challenging. Especially when I got to the white boundary area I was challenged to approach the pieces in a way unlike I have ever experienced. The challenge was welcome and delightful. I can't wait to see what the next of their puzzles will offer. I would really have given it 4.5 stars but went for 4 since I can't do 4.5. The only thing I would improve is that some of the points on the black areas seemed to have "chipped," or something, that made the piece not black on its point. VERY slight visual distraction.

Ladies Who Lunch
Ann, Wooden Puzzle Addict
Fun Fun Colorful Challenge

I haven't completed the puzzle yet, but it is so challenging, colorful and fun! It is the second Victory puzzle that I have done (of the recent company... I have many from the vintage company), and I love that the cut of the pieces is completely different from the first one I completed. These are way more challenging and interesting than the cuts (shapes) of the vintage puzzles, which were often standard clover leaf shapes. This puzzle is particularly challenging, which I love, because the colors are "all over the place," making my focus jump everywhere within the puzzle.

Joyous Puzzle

We really enjoyed the cut, quality, non-glare attributes of this puzzle. The whimsical nature of the design and picture just added to this fun puzzle experience.

Beautiful Puzzle

This puzzle is beautiful and colorful, slightly challenging, and very enjoyable. The quality is great; the pieces are very sturdy.

A delightful puzzle

This puzzle is so cute and fun to do. The colors are bright and the assembly is slightly challenging. The quality of the pieces is wonderful, they're very sturdy. I'll be enjoying this puzzle for many years to come.

The Fisherman
Samantha M
Enjoyable Puzzle

I loved doing this puzzle. The colors were bright and the assembly provided just enough challenge to make it fun and not frustrating. I would absolutely purchase a Victory puzzle again.

Super Cute Puzzle!

This was the first time of purchasing a puzzle from Victory and I was very pleased with it.
The image is super cute and as I am new to puzzling, with the different shapes and sizes of the pieces, I found it quite challenging - which is a good thing!!
I’ve already got my eye on a couple of others I want to purchase next.

Beautiful puzzlle

This was the third one i did off the set and great quality and cut. There were some lovely doggy wimmsies one being made up of 2 pieces a little bit different and their were a couple of wimmsiey cushion done the same.

Loved making up this puzzle

This is my favourite out of the set off three. All 3 were great quality and has the unushal cut that Victory do but what made this my favourite were the fantastic wimmsies large fish that fitted the theme beautifully.

Loved making up this puzzle

I realy loved this puzzle, the laser cut is lovely and intricate and very nice wimmsies too.

Ladies Who Lunch

Having just completed Eyes Full Of Stars, I thought I’d buy Ladies Who Lunch and also take the opportunity to purchase The Flapper - Life 1922 at a discounted price. We keep
Koi at home so I was naturally drawn to this gorgeous puzzle and it ticked all my boxes. Challenging, beautiful colours and an intricate cut. I’m looking forward to obtaining my copy of Lost Flamingo when it is released. Well done Victory; keep up the good work.

Hare delight

Loved this series of 3 from new featured artist and victory really ramping up the puzzle Library now! So many great one's available now with the usual excellent quality.

Victory Delight

More new releases with fun pleasing whimsies to enjoy and definitely one you want in your collection.

Victory are back!!

New puzzles from a new artist featured with the excellent quality we come to expect from victory, highly recommend.

Beautiful Jigsaw, Superb Quality!

I am taking my time with this jigsaw and relishing placing every piece, as it is outstanding in every way. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to complete a jigsaw where the cut has been created by a master artisan and I really can tell the difference - the cut is superb, the pieces are very good quality and have a pleasing heft to them and the artwork is beautiful with lots of interest. It is also proving to be much more of a challenge than I expected which is good! Thank you Victory for creating this Artist and Artisan range and I look forward to more to come. As a UK puzzler it really is a treat to have this range available in the UK with none of the high import charges one has to pay for quality jigsaws from the US.

I'm sorry I can't come out today

This is a beautiful puzzle with lots of intricate shapes and wimmsies. Victory are becoming my favourite wooden puzzle.

Loved it!

I have tried a number of different wooden puzzle brands and Victory is by far my favorite. The pieces are thicker and the images are a pleasure to assemble. Not to mention the fantastic box. Absolutely love them!

Rocket Ray Gun
Alex Thomas
Fantastic, challenging, quality wooden puzzle

We absolutely loved this jigsaw puzzle. We do a lot of wooden puzzles (normally 500 and 1000 piece) and expected this to be similar. However, we found it to be next level! We loved the quality of the wood and the whimsies but also how there were different sections within the jigsaw which offered a separate challenge. Really looking forward to doing more of these in the future. If you enjoy wooden puzzles then don’t hesitate to give this a go!