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La Chablisienne
Beverley Bryant
Lot of damage

I love the puzzle in general; the colours, the fun pieces. However, when I received my puzzle there were many tiny chips on the corners and smaller pieces.

Hi Beverley - thanks for your review. Please can you contact and we will take care of this for you. Thanks!

Midsummer Night's Dream
Cindy McConnell
Great title

Beautiful puzzle with such fine cut pieces. Love all the whimsies esp the bunnies. After years of doing regular puzzles which were fun, love the texture and feel of the thick wood pieces and how beautifully cut they are and how well they fit together.

Lovely Puzzle

I purchased three puzzles and have done two of them so far. Both are by this artist. Lisa Graa Jensen. I have previously only done very cheap wood puzzles because most higher quality ones are really out of my price range. This image and the Watching Snowfall really appealed to me and the price was more in the range that I was okay with splurging a bit on. The quality is exceptional. The pieces are the perfect fit. Not to loose, just enough give to make the assembly smooth. I was happy to see that each puzzle had a unique cut and I liked the way the outside border is cut so that you need to work the whole puzzle and not just do the border and fill in. It adds just a little bit more challenge. The image was clear and the colors vibrant especially for a winter scene. I can see myself building a small collection of my favorite images over time.

Sunny Suburban Sunday

I could not have enjoyed this puzzle more! The artwork is gorgeous, the pieces are great quality and feel good in my hand, and they fit together beautifully. I'm a big fan of Victory puzzles, and I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Café Terrace at Night
Nicole Penman
Beauty’s should start with V

Beautiful puzzles … good solid pieces … I have 4 in my collection

Jug Of Wildflowers
Review by @alexispuzzles

I just completed my first ever modern Victory. This one titled Jug of Wildflower, was perfect for the cold rainy dreary day we are having. At 247 pieces, this puzzle had more complexity than I was expecting, in the very best way. I found the puzzle to be very high-quality and appreciated the thickness of the pieces. It also had a beautiful no glare finish and the whimsy‘s were beautifully back engraved.

Midsummer Delight!

I love any jigsaws with rabbits or hares on. Lucy Grossmith images are so delightful. I was excited to own this puzzle and really enjoyed the challenge of fitting the pieces together. Then my daughter presented me with a birthday card of exactly the same picture! Victory jigsaws are worth every penny and are highly recommended.

Delicate Design

This is a lovely jigsaw. I love the design with the variety of wild flowers in such soft pastel shades in the jug, and the detail seen through the window. There are interesting whimsy pieces which add to the challenge too. This was a great buy especially as it was on offer.

Highly recommended

So delighted with our first purchase, we bought this one. Again our expectations were fully met and the puzzle was just as challenging as the first.
Highly recommended

Well worth the money!

Bought this as a Christmas present and was initially in two minds whether to purchase as it was much more expensive than the “ everyday” jigsaws.
However it far exceeded expectations. The jigsaw was of a very high standard, good quality, presented beautifully in the box and proved extremely challenging to complete. Really challenged the “ old grey cells”.Upon completion , we found one piece missing and e mailed asking for a replacement piece. We received a reply within an hour of sending the email resolving the problem and received the missing piece soon after! Fantastic customer service - if only more companies valued their customers in this way.
Would highly recommend- both the jigsaw and the Company.

Beach Huts
Yet another challenge !

This is the third jigsaw completed and just as challenging as the previous two. Easier in the fact that the “edges “ are traditional jigsaw shaped, but more complex with the varying shapes of the individual pieces and the colouration of the scene. Another high quality product - would highly recommend.

Uphill Ride
SN Barker
Shooting the Breeze

V nice packaging, good irregular cut with good whimsies that relate directly to the picture, and interestingly etched on the back which adds to the fun. The whimsies are often dissected. . The border is nicely complex, so can only be completed as part of the rest of the puzzle. A good challenge for this size puzzle if you don’t use the image provided. The image is delightful BUT the downside for me is that the colours of the finished puzzle are far too garish compared with other puzzle producers. This makes it feel a cheaper product than the high the quality of the cut and packaging deserves.

Amazing puzzle!

This puzzle was so much fun to piece together! I continue to just be so impressed with every single Victory puzzle I’ve done - Such a great wooden puzzle company that really focuses on beautiful artwork and different and unique stylized cuts - Such a great experience all round!

Complete delight!

Working this gorgeous puzzle was a total delight! Great quality, beautiful patterns and colors, lovely whimsy pieces. I also loved the larger size.

Kameido Tenjin
Helen Swann

Fascinating jigsaw

Jug Of Wildflowers
Kathryn Huisjen
Lovely puzzle!

A gift for my daughter’s 60th birthday!🎁

Butterfly Garden
Kathryn Huisjen

Gift for my daughter’s 60th birthday.

Watching Snowfall
Paul O’Donoghue
This is the life!

Border collie +daffodils inside, snow +trees outside

A Friend In Need
Stephanie Bown
Joy in a beautiful box

A Friend in Need is a wonderful puzzle that delights and teases. Really engrossing and an escape into another world. Family can’t help getting involved too. So pleased to have discovered this delight.

Jug Of Wildflowers
Harriet Shaw

Can't wait to get stuck in. I love love love these puzzles.. they're smaller than I'd usually go for but the challenge of the non uniform pieces more than makes up for it

Summer Badgers

Beautiful puzzle with just the right amount of difficulty. Shame that Victory now have their puzzles printed and Lazer cut in China.

Shooting The Breeze
Janet Morris

Most interesting and absorbing puzzle I've done in a long time

Beautiful puzzle

Such a beautiful puzzle. Loved the design of the box and the pieces have a nice cut. Very nice first expérience. And delivery in France was super fast

Sunny Suburban Sunday
Kathryn Young

Sunny Suburban Sunday


Just received this puzzle yesterday and immediately started putting it together. Very nice quality and a lovely screen. Will definitely be getting more.