Introducing our Artist & Artisan Series™

As you know, Victory was originally a hand cut wooden jigsaw brand established over a century ago in the early 1920s.

Today, for many people who hear the word 'jigsaw' a cardboard puzzle springs to mind, but of course the origin of the word is directly related to the equipment that was used to hand cut puzzles from wood by skilled artisans.

While we have no intention of once again becoming a hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzle company, we do believe that we can take a step back in that direction - to celebrate both the history of the Victory brand and todays artisans that are true artists in their own right.

So, we're excited to announce that we have formed a collaboration with one of the foremost hand cut jigsaw artisans in the world, Mark Cappitella.

Mark has been hand cutting gorgeous wooden puzzles for many years and has developed a distinctive style. His beautiful, challenging, hand cut wooden jigsaws are collected by enthusiasts around the world.

The first collaborative jigsaw puzzle in our 'Artist & Artisan' series, hand cut by Mark features a beautiful painting of a vase of flowers entitled Des étoiles plein les yeux (Eyes full of stars) by renowned Canadian artist, Marie-Claude Fournier.

This gorgeous puzzle contains 578 pieces and Mark's hand cut pattern was scanned into our design program and then laser cut from 5mm linden plywood.

Purchasing a hand cut puzzle of this size, piece count and complexity would cost considerably more than the price that we are able to offer it to you as a replica - allowing many more enthusiasts to be able to enjoy a 'hand cut' wooden jigsaw featuring Mark's artisanal skills.

For more information about Mark and to see some of his outstanding work, visit his website here and for a short video of Mark cutting a bee whimsy for the puzzle click here - and for a much longer video click here - it's long but easy to 'scroll' through (forgive the pun!) and VERY addictive!

So stay tuned and keep up to date on this wonderful 'Artist & Artisan' collaboration as we introduce more 'hand cut' puzzles to this series. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and / or Facebook to see more images as they become available. 

Finally, to see more images of this puzzle, click here!

January 21, 2024 — Andrew Knowles